6 things to do when you unintentionally hurt someone.

A 6 minute read 🙂 If you’re reading this, you probably think you’re a piece of sh*t. Or, you’re supporting the hustle – thanks in advance 😉 In the words of Hannah Montana, EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES. Its a normal, necessary part of life that we all have to navigate through. Here are 6 tips toContinue reading “6 things to do when you unintentionally hurt someone.”

5 Signs that you are in an ’emotionally abusive’ relationship.

A 3-4 minute read 🙂 Boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or parent – anyone can emotionally abuse you. Here are some tips to spot the signs of emotional abuse within romantic relationships. If you think that you are being emotionally abused, please contact me – I want to help you. Alternatively, call Freephone National Domestic Abuse HelplineContinue reading “5 Signs that you are in an ’emotionally abusive’ relationship.”

Coping with Self-Doubt ft Instagram Baddies

A 5 minute read 🙂 Most of the time, we think our biggest haters are other people. Friends we fall out with, exes, colleagues and even our family members! The truth is, a lot of us know our NUMBER ONE critique is ourselves! When we fail at something, we start to let in negative thoughtsContinue reading “Coping with Self-Doubt ft Instagram Baddies”

A simple explanation of the Dairy Industry

A 3-4 minute read 🙂 The truth is, I loved animals, but I was okay with animal abuse. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t tolerate someone hitting a dog, raping a bunny or breaking the neck of a cat – but if it was a cow – I didn’t care. I wasn’t exposed to it,Continue reading “A simple explanation of the Dairy Industry”