A simple explanation of the Dairy Industry

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The truth is, I loved animals, but I was okay with animal abuse. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t tolerate someone hitting a dog, raping a bunny or breaking the neck of a cat – but if it was a cow – I didn’t care. I wasn’t exposed to it, so it didn’t matter to me.

Cows only produce milk when they are pregnant. Think about that.

You have a pet cow. Her name is Rosie. You love her, you feed her and you play with her. One day, she is taken away from you.

The dairy industry requires breast milk from Rosie and they can only access that when she is pregnant. The demand for Rosie’s breast milk is HUGE because humans want to “pour it onto cereal as a liquid, clot it into yoghurt, ferment it into cheese, freeze it into ice cream” – Dr. Michael Klaper.

So to meet the needs of its buyers, farmers will ARTIFICIALLY inseminate Rosie repetitively for years until she collapses – this cruel process begins when she turns just 1 years old. After her lifeless, abused and bruised body drops in mercy at just 5 years old – as soon as she gives up, she’s sent to the slaughterhouse. Rosie’s natural life span is 20 years… shocking isn’t it?

Draw My Life – A Cow In Today’s Dairy Industry – 08 September 2016

To be able to impregnate cows, dairy farmers force bulls to ejaculate – they use their own hands to do this. Or they use an ‘electro-ejaculator’. They then gather the semen they stole from the bull, and insert it into Rosie’s vagina. They put their fists into her vagina, to loosen it up, so that it’s easier to inseminate her.

Not very natural is it.

Don’t forget throughout all of this, Rosie is pregnant with a calf named Joey. When she gives birth, the farmers steal Joey, whom she cries after for weeks. Joey is locked away in a crate because otherwise he will drink her milk. The milk he needs to grow into a 400 pound bull.

Joey is a male. So his throat is slit as a baby and he is sold for veal. If Joey was born a female, she’d be raised to produce milk, for her entire life.

After Joey is taken, and Rosie’s milk runs out, they inseminate her AGAIN! Rosie will be forced to be pregnant for her whole life. Each time she gives birth, her baby is taken away. She will never experience being a mother because humans want her milk.

What is ACTUALLY in a cow’s breast milk?

It’s good for you right? Wrong.

Due to the fact that Rosie is forced to be pregnant for her whole life, she develops a condition called Mastitis. This is a painful condition that is caused by breast feeding. But Rosie didn’t breast feed Joey, she was breast feeding you.

P!nk – Raise Your Glass – 02 November 2010

Rosie’s udders will have been tugged and torn by extortion. So, when her milk is taken, there are samples of her blood and pus found in it. Although the dairy industry promises to filter her milk, to remove these impurities, they are never completely eradicated from the milk you buy at your grocery store.

Somatic cells, which are white blood cells, are legally allowed in the milk you drink. What are somatic cells? They’re nerve cells, skin cells and blood cells. Simply put, they’re the same as the white pus that bursts on the tip of your spots. Tasty….!

But we need cow breast milk to grow? It’s healthy.

I hear you sis, or bro lol. I grew up thinking this too! Yet I drank 2 glasses of cow breast milk a day as a kid until I was 18. Hunny, I’m 5ft1 & the only thing that grew as a result of dairy was spots on my face!

So, pus isn’t good for you. You don’t need me to tell you that. A little known fact is that dairy causes complications with bones and has actually been linked to early death… our O.G the NHS told me that.

Milk is an ACIDIFYING ANIMAL PROTEIN. Calcium is brilliant for neutralising acid and the biggest storage of calcium in the human body is in YOUR BONES! This means that when you drink Rosie’s breast milk, you barely absorb the calcium because your body uses the calcium that you ALREADY HAVE in your bones to neutralise the acidic properties in her milk.

yummy pus

Oh and also, more than one glass of cow breast milk a day is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular death. Sudden cardiac death is responsible for half of all heart disease deaths.

I know. What about all of those yoghurt & milk adverts promoting healthy bones?

Did you know that despite these shocking health risks from drinking milk, the dairy industry funds this research and literally pays scientists to LIE to us. Why? Because they’re rich. If you stop buying Rosie’s milk, they won’t make any money out of exploitation!

We don’t have to contribute to abuse…

Humans are the only species on the planet that drink the milk of another animal.

The next time you eat that chocolate bar or that cheesy pizza, remember you’re paying for Rosie to live through 5 years of sexual, emotional, physical abuse – for a tiny moment of taste and a lifetime of wealth for a man who doesn’t care about your health.

Still not convinced? Watch ‘The Game Changers’ or ‘What the Health’ on Netflix.

I hope this article has been insightful for you, I am aware that it is a lot to digest despite being such a short article. You’re not a bad person for doing what society told you was normal. It’s called conditioning and now you know the truth about the dairy industry!

Lots of love, Ariya xxx

This article was inspired by ‘DAIRY IS SCARY! Explained in 5 mins’. A huge thanks to Erin Janus for the detailed information she provides in this hard hitting video.

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2 thoughts on “A simple explanation of the Dairy Industry

  1. i love the ‘cow milk’ picture and info – truly powerful – hey, let’s hear more about *YOU* Ariya! Your actual life story…I love learning about others, their lives, their good parts, their bad parts, their happy times, sad times…anyway – look forward to seeing this in near future! Nice Blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you so much for reading my article!! I’m really happy you found it to be powerful, I hope it helps makes a difference. Haha! I might write a little article about myself in the future😊 thank you for the support xx


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